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Download Facts: Excel Budget Housekeeping Spreadsheet

Thank you for your interest in my Excel budget spreadsheet. If you'd like to purchase this digital housekeeping book as download, you can do so on the next page. Below you will find information regarding the ordering process.

With this budgeting and personal finance spreadsheet it's easy to manage your finances.

Download Facts

  • Prices and shipping costs:
    You can purchase the Excel housekeeping book presented here for a one-time fee of 9.00 € as a digital download. Since this is a digital download, there are no shipping costs. This price is the final price in euros.
  • Language:
    English [or German version].
  • Producer:
  • Category:
    private Finance | private budgeting
  • Last update:
    July 2019
  • Filesize:
    [129 Kb]
  • System requirements:
    The budget housekeeping book was created with Excel 2010. Versions of Excel (97-2003) have compatibility issues concerning conditional formatting features leading to a loss of functionality.

    In Excel 97-2007, conditional formatting that refers to values on other worksheets is not displayed. However, all conditional formatting rules remain available in the workbook and are applied when the workbook is opened again in Excel 2010 and later, unless the rules were edited in Excel 97-2007.

    Excel 10 or higher is recommended to be able to use all functions of the budget book.

  • Payment:
    Payment is made safely and conveniently via PayPal. Payment with PayPal requires a free registration at www.paypal.com.
  • Delivery:
    Once payment is complete, you will receive on-screen a download link for the Excel budget housekeeping spreadsheet and additionally a download link by means of email.

These terms and conditions and this cancellation policy apply to the purchase order. You can review this order before it's final on the next page.


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